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Ghost 11 Immobiliser

You need a solution to safeguard your pride and joy from car thefts. With the ghost 11 immobiliser, you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is secure from key cloning, hacking and keyless entry.

The device is not visible to thieves since it doesn't have LED indicators. Your insurance company will recognise it because of its TASSA approval.

TASSA Approved

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser is a concealed device that works in the background to safeguard your vehicle from hacking, cloning and key theft. It does this by directly communicating with the vehicle's ECU through its data bus. This prevents detection from common thieves who use diagnostics and RF scanners.

The device is connected to the existing CAN network in your Car Stolen With Ghost Immobiliser and locks the motor by preventing it from starting unless an appropriate sequence of keys are hit. These buttons can be selected from a list of pre-programmed numbers or, if you'd like to add an additional layer of security you can opt to make use of a mobile app to generate the code for you. If you're away from your vehicle for a long time, you can disable the system by utilizing the application. This will stop anyone else from driving the vehicle without your knowledge.

It is put in place discreetly (without damaging your vehicle) and isn't able to be removed by a thief. The CAN Bus immobiliser is small and can be hidden behind the steering wheel, door panels or central consoles, making it practically unnoticeable. It is designed to be nearly invisible, and there are no 'telltale' relay clicks that can reveal that it has been installed.

The Ghost is extremely difficult to bypass with an ECU that is new or a key. The CAN Bus immobiliser has no transponders or LEDs that signal its presence. This is particularly useful when you own a rare or expensive vehicle.

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser range rover is a great immobiliser for costly or rare vehicles. The Autowatch ghost is able to protect against thieves who are opportunistic and is ideal for those who are either replacing their vehicle or have a long wait for an alternative.

CAN Bus Immobiliser

We are able to supply the latest generation of CAN bus immobilisers which are TASSA certified and fully insured, crafted to safeguard your vehicle from high tech thieves. These modern devices are more efficient than older reprogrammable ignitions since they have dual digital/analogue immobilisation, making it impossible for high-tech thieves to use relays, key cloning, or signal jamming to drive off your vehicle within minutes.

This unique and innovative CAN bus system is set up by a professional installer and uses your cars existing buttons to create a unique and changeable PIN button press sequence that must be entered before the car is able to start. It is completely silent unlike trackers and alarms which could alert thieves of its presence.

To operate the device, a criminal would hack into the wiring in the vehicle for the red CAN data network which is where the ECU's communicate with each other (shown in yellow above). They would then use an electronic device that can inject fake messages into the CAN bus, which is basically a series of messages saying "key valid", and the engine control units will accept the fake messages and allow your vehicle to start.

The Ghost will not accept this and will stop the vehicle from starting. The driver will then have to enter a unique, changeable PIN code before the car can start. This can be accomplished using the buttons on your car (4-21 presses), an application for mobile phones, Bluetooth tag or your own smartwatch.

This system is how much is a ghost immobiliser more sophisticated than the less expensive Ghost/Starline i96s available on the market, which only come with a digital engine blocking. They can also be programmed using aftermarket key fobs. This is the new generation of security that will protect your vehicle against both high-tech and old-style key techniques employed by criminals in garages and car parks throughout the UK.

No Key Fobs or LED Indicators

Ghost is a hidden device. It does not have any LED indicators which would signal its presence. This means that it is unnoticeable to car thieves. Therefore, it is a great option for vehicles that are at a higher risk of theft, such as vintage cars as well as modern luxury vehicles. The lack of any visible indicators means ghost 2 immobiliser problems is an effective deterrent to thieves since it won't allow the engine to start. This is even if the wrong key is used or if the vehicle's key fob batteries are low.

Our technicians can install it quickly. There is no need for any additional wiring since the system connects directly to your CAN bus data that is stored in the control unit of your car. There is no need for additional immobiliser relays. This is a very important aspect because if there were any immobiliser relays, the device could be altered with and removed.

When the ghost immobiliser installer immobiliser has been installed, it will prevent your car from being copied. It will not only stop the vehicle from being started but it will also assist in locating it. The greatest benefit is that it is done without modifications to the wiring in the factory. Ghost uses the buttons on your vehicle to create a unique and customizable PIN code. This is then entered via an app you can download to your smartphone. It takes 20 presses on the buttons on your car to determine the PIN.

This technology is so advanced that it cannot be defeated by any modern auto theft thief. It is a simple to use system that safeguards your vehicle from cloning and hacking. It can be easily installed in modern automobiles and is a fantastic solution for owners of high-end or rare vehicles.

The Autowatch Ghost anti-key clone, as well as hacking immobiliser is a weatherproof, tiny device that can be hidden in your car without any need for additional wiring. It makes use of the buttons on your car to send information, and is programmed to only allow you to access the immobiliser of the ghost. This includes a valet-mode which is used to service your vehicle and hand it over to valet parking without disclosing the PIN code.

Easy Installation

It is important to keep your pride and joy with you. With cars being stolen across the country, Car stolen with Ghost immobiliser and people waiting for a replacement vehicle or to purchase a new one it is essential to keep your happiness and pride with you. Most often, thieves target vehicles that are in demand or are able to be taken to get parts. Ghost immobilisers aren't visible to thieves, however they can be evaded or removed.

These devices are able to communicate with the engine control unit of your vehicle via the CAN data loop, therefore they aren't detected by thieves who use the conventional OBD port or diagnostics. These devices also protect against key cloning, hacking and other forms of theft. This makes them perfect to protect your precious or expensive vehicles.

The ghost immobiliser is simple to install as it is an extremely small and weatherproof device that fits in your vehicle. It is difficult to identify as it has no LED indicators or key fobs. You can be assured that an aspiring thief will not be able to see it. You can disarm the system with your phone. This means that only you will be able to start your vehicle.

You can select up to 20 distinct button presses, which gives you the possibility of creating an unique sequence that is only understood by you. It's similar to the PIN number that you use for your credit card or bank account, and will ensure that only you are able to drive your car away. It is easy to lock your car again in the event that you have to leave it by pressing the same buttons.

Another feature that sets the Autowatch ghost apart is the fact that it is a TASSA verified product and was tested by 3rd party experts to be as reliable as it can be. It has a vehicle marking system that is linked to the International Security Register and will notify authorities in the event that your vehicle is stolen. This extra layer of protection is only one of the many reasons so many people are choosing the ghost immobiliser.


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