Papa hasn't stopped conquering the world of restaurants. He did the pizza thing, and nailed the custom-made hamburgers,and took the hearts of taco lovers across the globe. Since all of these delicious dishes Papa has been serving and preparing, it's onl > 자유게시판




Papa hasn't stopped conquering the world of restaurants. He did the pi…

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Through your mouse, you decide the actions of either Alberto or Penny, whom you choose at the start and end of each round. You write down your clients' wishes at the Order Station, fill their specified cup at the Build Station before mixing all of it with the Mix Station and finish it off at the Top Station. After you're finished with their order, you wait with bated breath to see what score you've achieved. An improved score can provide you with higher tips from this customer on the day as well as for future visits.

The Order Station is as it's always been, that's not the case with the Build Station. Build Station is the area where Flipline is adding a fresh twist. Instead, instead of clicking the essential ingredients to make your sundaes, each component of it (the mix-in, ice cream and syrup) has to be completed by hitting an 'Pour' timed button. A meter-long indicator sways in the meter and there is one chance to get it to finish in the green section. By doing this, you earn extra tips and guarantees a higher percentage for the particular area, otherwise, you'll be awarded an inferior score. The quicker you can get your indicator from turning green the higher the reward however, if you feel nervous, just hold off for a couple of cycles around for it to slow down. It's a mix station that works similarly Mix Station functions much like the previous games' Grill Stations, involving the tracking of how long the sundae's left in the blender, and the Top Station takes from Papa's Taco Mia, having you play with your mouse back and forth to pour the desired toppings. You can also use the Doorbell and Alarms are back to help keep watch over the different stations and new to the game are the Blender Boosters which let you accelerate the time spent with Mix Station Mix Station (be cautious not to overload into the red, or you could break the blender for the day) as well as the Auto Ice Cream, which does a great job at the initial timed pour, and gives you an excellent tip.

We have to be quite strict regarding how food is prepared, Flipline Studios has added the feature of creativity to Papa's papas freezeria. All the cute posters and other accessories you're used to buying to enhance your shop and help your score are now configured in the shop to your own preference! That's right. If you want to sell your wall to anyone who is willing to pay the most, you should cover it with ads from Kahuna's Surf Shack and the cruise ship S.S. Louis. You want windows that extend from floor to ceiling and a floor covered in pinball machines? Absolutely, but why wouldn't you? If Papa's not happy with it He shouldn't have left you to your own devices.

Assessment: Being a big fan of games that manage time in general including the Papa's series in particular which I absolutely loved, I was delighted to play this brand new game. The cartoon-style graphics add a charming nature to the character (my favourite being Captain Cory the sailor with the gruff, female, tattooed sailors) No matter how demanding a user might be, I am a fan of them.

I think that the latest features available in Freezeria help in entice gamers to test it while the game itself keeps you hooked. Though I felt that it started out too slow, and I felt bored the first week, it soon started to get more exciting and became an easier game where I was able establish an unbeatable rhythm and keep my scores high. While all the decorative improvements are beneficial, the ones for behind-the-counter are essential! Just enough to beat the summer heat relax, grab some cold drinks (sundae that is) and then spend a few hours working at Papa's Freezeria.


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